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Home & office carpet cleaning services in Dundee.

For professional domestic home or office carpet cleaning in Dundee, call us today!
  Our team members have been carefully selected and fully trained in providing a first class carpet cleaning & carpet stain protection services in Dundee.
Dundee carpet cleaners guarantee great results every time.
  Our trained carpet cleaners in Dundee have the knowledge and expertise to specially tailor every service to the personal needs and requirements of each and every customer. We are very proud of our flexibility and always put our customers desires first. Dundee carpet cleaners come to you fully prepared with the most efficient cleaning tools and solutions to deliver Dundee's absolute best clean carpets results possible. You will be amazed at the transformation your carpets will undergo.

Dundee carpet cleaners: call 01382 680086 to book your home or office carpet cleaning service in Dundee today.

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Stain Shield carpet protection

Your carpet can get special treatment to enhance it's stain repelling ability, giving you much more time to react to that one silly spill. This Stain Guard treatment is a perfect add on when you're already getting your carpets cleaned and makes perfect sense for protecting your investment from visitors spilling drinks, grandchildren dropping food. The stain protection treatment coats the fibres of your carpet which stops and repells liquid and solids when spilled, it gives you the opportunity to quickly soak up the spillages without worrying that your lovely carpet will be ruined from a mark left over.
Ask for carpet stain protection when you book your carpet cleaning service in Duindee.

Promite allergy treatment & dust mite eliminator

 PROmite is a Health & Safety Executive Registered Pesticide that is capable of eliminating Dust Mites and all other insects that live in or on domestic and commercial soft furnishings.  PROmite Allergy Treatment took two years of research to formulate this proven method to eliminate and prevent Dust Mites from returning to soft furnishings. As Dust Mites are almost impossible to kill, the few products that claim to have any effect on them only attack them by destroying the bacteria and fungi that make up their food.
Safe for children & pets - We looked at which Pesticide would be safe to use in a domestic home, but strong enough to eliminate Dust Mites. PROmite was developed with a special blend of Pesticides that is only harmful to microscopic creatures. There is not sufficient Pesticide left on the item to cause harm to children or their pets - even if they picked food up off the carpet and ate it.

Dundee carpet cleaners provide domestic and commercial carpet cleaners for Dundee & Angus.

For our professional carpet cleaning services in Dundee, call 01382 680086 today.

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  • insect pest control Dundee
  • stain protection service
  • maintenance cleaning
  • blood & body fluid cleaning
  • Urine Contamination treatment
  • upholstery cleaning
  • woolsafe cleaning service
green eco friendly cleaning

pet & child friendly green cleaning solutions

Green ECO Friendly cleaning

Dundee carpet cleaners believe that we can still get great results using green, eco friendly cleaning solutions that are pet and baby safe for your home. So whenever possible, we will use these solutions.

  • Detergent free cleaning
  • Odour-free
  • No enzymes or surfactants
  • No bleaches